A Prayer to the Forgiving God of Grace

You should be worshiped by every living thing on the earth. You deserve to be praised by the entire universe. Though you are hidden from my view, I know that you are just and right in everything you do. I know that you are holy. No one can compare to your power and might. No one can imagine your glory. For you are perfect in every way, more amazing than I can possibly understand.

You preserve my life when I am sick. You protect me when I am in danger. You guard me when I am lost and call me when I am alone. I thank you God because you rescue me from dangers I don’t even see and hazards I fail to recognize. Every day, you save me and protect me things I never know about, and for that I am deeply grateful.

Speak to me, Lord, and hear my prayers. Answer me when I call for help. Forgive me for my sin and selfishness just as you have forgiven your people in the past.

Forgive me when I lose my temper with others and treat them like servants who exist for me. Forgive me when I expect too much from them, or bully them when they fail to meet my expectations. Forgive me when I am self-righteous and act better than others, because of what I do. Forgive me when I think I am closer to you than they are because of what I know. Forgive me when I fail to recognize the magnitude of your grace in my life, which saves me by my faith in Jesus Christ.

Forgive me so you can be glorified through me. Forgive me, so your amazing love and faithfulness can be seen throughout the world. Show yourself in my life so that others may see the foolishness of their ways, the uselessness of their idols, and the pride of their heart. Make yourself known throughout the earth, Lord God, so everyone might know that nothing compares to you: not money, fame, power, or popularity. Nothing compares to your glory.

I pray for all these things by your grace and for your glory.

In Jesus’ name,


(Originally posted 7/13/12)

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